March 2022 - Internet shopping

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Location: Fake Goods

  1. Identify the items in each column based on the clues provided. The number written in brackets gives the number of letters in the answer.
  2. Something has been "substituted" between the item advertised and the item received in each row.
  3. In each pair, a letter has been removed, and another has been inserted in its place. Note the "correct" letter and the "substitute" letter from both columns from top-bottom (Note that in the final pair, no letter has been removed)

One Size Fits All

  1. The words can be separated into eight groups, each containing three items. These should be written on the tags at the bottom. Some words can only fit into one possible place on a tag: place these first, and then try to find other words that fit into the same group.
  2. All the words in a particular group can be prefixed with the same size-based adjective to create a common object or phrase. For example: GIANT PANDA, SLIM CHANCE
  3. Having placed all the items on each tag, write the name of their common size description at the top of the tag, and take the highlighted letter.

Batteries Not Included

  1. For visual hints, see the separate file in the solutions folder
  2. Column E has no - terminals, so there cannot be a battery in the slot E2/E3. Mark it as empty.
  3. Row 6 has 3x - terminals and 3x + terminals, so there must be a battery in every slot in that row. We don't know their orientation, but since row 5 only has 4x - terminals and 4x + terminals, the slot in D5/E5 must be empty.
  4. For Column C to have 3x + terminals, the slot in C3/C4 must contain a battery. And since Row 4 contains only one of each sort of terminal, slots A4/B4 and E4/F4 must both be empty.
  5. Column A needs 3x + terminals. That means there must be a battery in A1/B1, with its positive terminal in A1. There must then also be battery in A2/A3 and, since like terminals cannot touch, it must have its negative terminal in A2.
  6. Column F needs 3x - terminals. That means there must be a battery in E1/F1, with its negative terminal in F1. There must then also be a battery in F2/F3 and, since like terminals cannot touch, it must have its positive terminal in F2.
  7. Column E needs 2x + terminals. Therefore the battery in D6/E6 must have its positive terminal in E6. Following the rule that like terminals cannot touch, that allows all batteries in rows 5/6 to be placed. This should also complete column A.
  8. Column B now has the required terminals, so slot B2/B3 can be marked empty. Row 1 also has all the required terminals, so C1/D1 can be marked empty.
  9. The remaining slots must all be filled, and there is only one way to do so respecting the rule that like terminals cannot touch.

Some Assembly May Be Required

  1. Pieces must be arranged so that the words on touching edges can be read correctly either way round. e.g. OVER/PASS and PASS/OVER is good. But HAND/BAG and BAG/HAND is not. Ignore the symbol in the middle of each tile for now.
  2. Note that different pieces have different numbers of labelled edges, and every word must touch another. Therefore the (4x) pieces with words on only two edges are corner pieces. Those (8x) with three edges go along the sides (with empty side pointing outwards). And the (4x) pieces with words on all sides form the middle of the square.
  3. The top row pairs are (from left-right) OVER/HANG, GUN/SHOT, ORGAN/PIPE. Continue to assemble the grid, and then read the central letters on each tile.

Product Customisation

  1. The "styles" refer to three primary colours.
  2. The item clues listed all describe a word or phrase that begins with a primary colour. Cross off the answer in the appropriate row. Note that some columns contain more than one item!
  3. Having completed the grid of available options, it resembles a series of filled-in 2x3 cells. Could this be a code?

Meta: Disclaimers

  1. Re-shuffle the sets of 2 letters to form the appropriate disclaimers.
  2. first two letters of each disclaimer: NO,NO,KE,AC

Bonus: Contents May Settle During Transit

  1. All answers can be found in the lorry, top to bottom
  2. blank, brand, brick, flank, blush, braid, brink, bland, fluid, flair
  3. Have you seen the left and right door of the lorry?
  4. Every word was found by going left (0) or right (1) down the pile of boxes.